Dave Nayavich

Creative Branding & Design

Dave's designs and concepts have produced over $100,000,000 in online sales. If you've ever seen a 7-figure product launch online, chances are pretty good that Dave had his hand in those designs.

When the online (and offline) gurus want to build a website, they don’t do it themselves. They pick up the phone and call one man – this man. His clients are the who’s who’s of the private members only guru club.His designs and layouts have been seen by millions and millions of people and his websites have generated untold millions in gross sales. What’s more astonishing than the stunning visual marketing pieces Dave creates is the fact that his color crafted handiwork also leads to a marked increase in conversions.

That’s a fancy way of saying his awesome looking websites get more people to buy, period. Gifted with a passion for aesthetically pleasing art and a strong desire to succeed, Dave turned his digital paint brush into a certified money maker. His direct response style masterpieces are money makers… and because he’s on your team, the money being made is going straight to your bank account.

Whether he’s crafting a new postcard, a high converting squeeze page, or an eye-catching banner display ad, Dave puts more than just the right colors into his creations… he also includes his heart and soul.


Darren Salkeld

System Design & Development

With over $50,000,000 in online sales from his systems and process flow in the last 5 years alone, Darren knows a little something about creating Automated Income "Systems" online.

Darren has a Mechanical Engineering degree and spent years working endless hours as a factory go-to man. He has a burning passion for streamlining and automating processes which seems to come naturally these days, but it wasn't always like that. In 1998 the factory where he worked came upon financial troubles. By 2000 Darren was more than $75,000 in personal debt and desperately seeking a way out of the rut.

Darren attended his first Internet Marketing event in 2001 and quickly hit it off with the late, great Corey Rudl. Under the mentorship of Corey and his team at IMC, Darren had his big break in 2002 when it all seemed to "click" for him. By the spring of 2003, Darren was already generating 5-figure months from his online businesses. In the fall of 2004, one of his online businesses generated more than $11,650 in a single day.

In early 2005 Darren had his first 6-Figure Month online and was then interviewed by The Internet Marketing Center just before the untimely passing of Corey Rudl. Darren's interview with Corey was published in the IMC's best selling home study course "Insider Secrets to Marketing Your Business On the Internet"... Turns out his understanding of how Systems work really paid off.

In 2007, Darren was integral in the design, architecture, process flow and automation of what was known then as "The Reverse Funnel System". The RFS went on to generate over $18,000,000 commissions for regular people from all walks of life -- all in under 2 years from opening. These days, he's a full-fledged marketing mad scientist, testing, tweaking and creating systems that run profit-pulling creations on autopilot for some of the biggest names in the industry.

With over a decade of experience and a lifetime of industrious know-how, Darren is an invaluable resource to any business venture. His online systems have generated over $50 Million Dollars of gross revenue in just the last 5 years alone.


Mike Antoni

Copywriter Extrordinaire

From humble beginnings, Mike Antoni has created a dream life for himself, all by leveraging the power of the Internet and one vital skill – choosing the right words.

As a high priced copywriter, Mike let’s his fingers do the talking. Though, when you meet him in person, you’ll hear that his mouth does a pretty good job as well.

With a knack for creating marketing systems that work to put money in your pocket fast and easy, Mike’s last venture grossed 10 million dollars in sales in less than a year.

And he expects the Millionaire Operating System to dwarf those results. A true wordsmith at heart, Mike makes sure that every word on every page is exactly the right one. He writes with two goals in mind – to ignite passion in the reader and profit for the business owner. And this time, that business owner is you.

Along with his colorful personality and trademark sense of humor, Mike brings a breath of fresh air to this industry. Having been a full time marketer since 2006, Mike has the tools, talent, and tenacity to help you get what you want – results.


Jeff Lerner

Community Leadership

On November 21, 2008 Jeff Lerner discovered online marketing by clicking on "one of those ads" you see on the web. Jeff was once over $300,000 in debt... He was down, but not out!

Jeff remembered what a relative had once told him, that if you're ever lucky enough to have someone write down the story of your life you had better do the work to make it a story worth reading.

What a story he thought it would make if starting an online business on a shoestring budget could pull him out of the fire. So he embarked with that rarest of assets... belief - belief that it was meant to be, that the story was 'already written". After all, he had no other options.

Just a few years later, Jeff not only created a compelling story, he made a lot of money. As a matter of fact, Jeff is currently ranked as one of the Top 500 Home Business Entrepreneurs in the world. Jeff loves helping other people craft their winning story. That's why he puts himself out there each week on training webinars and calls. He's ready and willing to help you create the life you desire.

When asked why he spends so much time in the trenches working with other people, Jeff says, "I simply apply what my mentors taught me... I have a 'why' conversation with myself everyday. Why do I do the things I do? For me, it's about paying it forward... to show people that they are capable of amazing things."

And with MOS, you have Jeff in your corner. He's here to help you write your next chapter.


John Neff

Chief Financial Officer

John is a natural choice for the executive position of CFO at MillionaireOS®. He's been the president of several companies, and uses his vast experience to oversee everything financial with M.O.S.

His development of the MillionaireOS® financial management system has facilitated the exponential increases in revenues and profitability. One person compared John to the navigator in the movie "The Matrix" who looks at a screen of numbers, but is able to see a 3-D world.

Likewise, when John studies reports and spreadsheets, he sees comprehensive details, even beyond the numbers. He is able to quickly identify company strengths, weaknesses and trends that others might miss... and then make quick course corrections that lead to success.

John brings organizational structure, leadership and direction to the MillionaireOS. He understands the key elements that need to be in place to make a business successful. Drawing from his experience, he knows how to organize and operate for profitable results.

His analytical mind fills a vital role for companies. He has the ability to see the big picture, yet make needed adjustments in specific areas. John is the right executive for this team.


Mike Williams

Chief Operating Officer

Like many others out there, Mike started his career in an entry level position while attending college and then climbed the corporate ladder through hard work, discipline and results.

His ability to ensure success has always ensured growth and opportunity for every company and leadership team that he has worked with. In fact, Mike spent over 15 years as a senior level executive across several industries. Most notably, he served as the COO and Managing Director of Europe for Sento Corporation, a publicly traded company in the Business Process Outsourcing industry.

From large, publicly traded companies to smaller, more entrepreneurial organizations, Mike's operational expertise and results oriented management style have always opened doors for him.

In fact, it was his reputation and track record that got him introduced to MOS. Mike is passionate about member satisfaction. Anyone who has been around Mike knows that he really does have the customer's best interests in mind and will always work to ensure results for the company and for our members alike


The MOST Important Part of M.O.S. is our dedicated team who tirelessly works their butts off each and every day to make your experience phenominal.

Exceeding Your Goals is Our #1 Goal!


Steve Nyhof - Technical Project Manager

Steve's computer knowledge goes back to 1988 where he began to develop software and systems to help automate his home design business and later his custom home building company.

When Google began to exterminate affiliate marketers from their advertising, Steve formed a plan to design a website system that would get these marketers back in the game without the large learning curve other system required that were not designed for the marketing industry.

When the team at M.O.S heard Steve was available ... it was a no-brainer. From technology to customer relations, Steve seems to do anything and everything needed to make sure MOS runs like a fine oiled machine.

Danny Dean - Jack of All "Technical" Trades

Avid Punk Rocker who somehow managed to wakeboard his way into the heart of the greatest woman on earth. Is a pretty cool dad to a boy and a girl, and in his spare time loves being together with friends and family.

Oh yea, and he is a complete Rock-Star when it comes to the "technology stuff"... Danny is our behind the scene Wizard who keeps the many sites we operate up to date and online.

Jenny Coplin - Traffic & Conversion Specialist

With a voracious appetite for the written word, Jenny assists in conceiving conversion strategies, concepts and copy for a variety of projects. When not at her computer, she can be found attending to one of her many varied interests including (but not limited to) underwater basket weaving, back-alley wiener dog racing and Star Wars conventions.

Jordan Daniels - Video Production Wizard

Jordan is a visually-caffeinated videographer and animator. He went from being a travelling magician, to selling record numbers of "Sham-WOW" Shammies, to falling in love with making videos of all kinds. He has a dog named Alba, and a gorgeous wife he "tricked" into marrying him.... Taking a page out of Jordan's book, we were able to "trick" him into being part of our team!

Cathy Werking - 7 Figure Coach

Striving for excellence and leading others to success have become second nature to Cathy. Beginning her career in the corporate world, Cathy rapidly rose to the top of the sales force at Capezio, the world’s oldest and most respected dancewear company. Her creation of a new sales model for herself and her retailers was adopted as the company's "best practice," leading to Cathy's promotion to the position of Corporate Trainer.

Although she left this career behind to become a full time mom (the toughest, most rewarding job she's ever had), Cathy began to develop her dream of being an entrepreneur. Through her small business management company she assisted other small business owners in promoting themselves and increasing their revenue.

Cathy's journey from struggling single Mom to successful home business entrepreneur has had its ups and downs, experiences she now draws upon as she coaches her team and new MOS members. She credits her success to "the perfect storm:" a rock solid top tier product line/business opportunity; a simple, powerful marketing system; experienced, dedicated mentors and her own commitment to being trainable and following the leaders. Her business has evolved into Cathy's absolute passion for "creating success and wealth in others."

As a verified 7-Figure earner and Top Tier Success Coach at MOS, Cathy is ready to take you by the hand, assist you in setting your goals and show you exactly what you need to do to achieve them. Mentored herself by some of the most talented, successful marketers in the industry, Cathy operates in the Japanese concept of "on," gratitude for what you’ve been given by others and the sincere desire to pass it on.

Beau Ryan - 7 Figure Coach

Beau Ryan is a father, husband, mentor, home business entrepreneur, marketer, kids baseball coach, and former NCAA DI collegiate baseball player who now resides in southern Arkansa. Beau is an avid promoter of active health, well-being, & a positive approach to life!

As a top Financial Advisor with American Express, Beau learned early on in his career the power of small business ownership, entrepreneurship, and the right mental attitude when it comes to starting a business. He ignited his entrepreneurial flame at age 24 after reading a book called Rich Dad Poor Dad and went on to start a fitness center called Bowman Fitness Club, Accumulate over 42 rental units, and learn the power and leverage of cash flow with the internet in the high end home business industry.

Beau made a mark in his mid to late 20's earning a high 6 and 7 figure income per year as an internet marketer. After making his mark as a top marketer, Beau took his skills to a higher level helping ignite his own products and marketing systems for companies & private clients.

Beau does admit that some of these were hits, while others were flops, but he laughs as he quotes Winston Churchill, "Success is going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm!" Because Beau has been through many ups and downs as an entrepreneur he understands the importance of not judging other people for their failures but seeing everyone as unlimited potential with the ability to create incredible greatness in their lives.

After 13 years of consulting, mentoring, marketing, and selling, Beau has decided to team up and go into exclusive private client micro-franchise home business mentorship and partner with a system 10 years in the making with the Millionaire Operating System. The MOS system is truly built and run by a marketing dream team of Internet Marketing traffic savants, experienced curriculum creators, copywriters, graphic artists, programmers, and 7 figure income coaches guiding clients to a million dollar home business reality.

Beau's is verified 7-Figure earner and Top Tier Success Coach at MOS. His mission in life is to help others find, ignite, and achieve their dreams, while spending time, and being present as a father, husband, son, teacher, and friend.

Jeff Anderson - Success Coach

Jeff's been a wildcat entrepreneur since the age of 19. He's built his own businesses in manufacturing, construction and international real estate development. Jeff grew up in South America, Mexico and the U.S. and butchers both Spanish and English equally. He's a beach bum at heart and was able to semi retire and spend 13 years surfing at the age of 43. Jeff believes he's been privileged to to experience some very interesting businesses and successes on three continents, but feels MOS and the world it opens is the most exciting and lucrative of them all.

Taylor Nelson - Success Coach

Taylor is a newcomer in the direct sales industry but quickly found a home here. He is 20 years old and has taken on the role of leading others to find the success he found at such a young age. He loves helping other succeed at achieving financial freedom and to break away from a J.O.B. Taylor loves spending time with his family and at the lake and gives thanks to the Lord, because he is the only reason he is here. He is driven to be Done Before 21, which means financially free by the age of 21. He's closing in on that goal!

Lee Lemieux - Fast Start Coach

After working 19 hours a day at two jobs for 5 years, Lee can now work from home and create a lifestyle that he as always wanted; to be at home with his family and not have to go to a job. He loves being a coach and working with members and thanks MOS everyday for giving him this opportunity.

Jacqueline Sprayberry - Fast Start Coach

Extremely family oriented and hard working, but knows life is too precious to waste a moment. Can often be found out at the lake with a line in the water. Mother to 2 very awesome boys and enjoys spending every moment possible with them.

Doug Bonoff - Marketing Coach

For over 13 years, Doug has worked closely with those in the Network Marketing and Direct Marketing industries. As co-founder and CEO of The Home Business People, Inc., the premiere international provider of custom branded lead generation websites, Facebook pages and social media sites, Doug's mission is to continue to find new and better ways to help entrepreneurs achieve success in their online marketing efforts. Doug understands what is necessary to get a business up and running on the Internet. His Internet services, training and consulting have helped literally thousands of individuals and businesses around the world.

Michael Alexander - Marketing Coach

Michael has been very successful working full time in Network Marketing for the past 18 years; most of those years making well over 6 figures. Michael has also quite a bit of experience in music and songwriting, playing guitar, keyboards, and bass in various bands. He currently lives in Phoenix where he and his wife Carrie grow a very productive organic garden in their backyard.

Ashley Hansen - Accounting Manager

Family oriented and passionate about helping others,Ashley enjoys cooking, and attending country and rock music concerts. During the summer months she can be found soaking up the sun, swimming and being outdoors. Throughout the year (if you look real hard) you can also find her at the racetrack or on TV, cheering on her favorite NASCAR drivers with a checkered flag.

Kaili Hansen - Accountant

Loves taking walks on the beach with the sand in between her toes, while watching the sunset. Whenever she hears music and feels the rhythm, she guarantees she will be the one dancing. Is also motivated and loves making every moment count by living life to the fullest.

Rebecca Rachel - Administrative Assistant

Known by many as the "Jack of all trades," Rebecca tries to be of help in any department within the company. This also carries over into her personal life as she is a licensed cosmetologist, has a budding photography business, and dabbles in recording music. Her dream is to be like Mariah Carey, but since that hasn't panned out yet, she enjoys singing karaoke in her free time.

Adam Arnold - MOS Support Lead

With over 6 years in the merchant processing industry, Adam is very well equipped to handle the fast paced environment of online billing. Adam has spent the last 4 years streamlining departments for companies ranging from Merchant processing to Internet Marketing to Realestate. Working with a varied selection of departments he has integrated modern business solutions that has established a rock solid foundation for Fortune 500 businesses.

Gregg Lawrence - MOS Gold Director

Gregg began his sales career at the age of 18 and has done nothing else since. Married with four children he is devoted to his family and works hard to provide for them. He loves to travel and enjoys fishing and being in the great outdoors. For the last 8 years he has focused primarily on building top-notch sales systems to help even the most in-experienced people find success in the home-based business arena. He derives a great deal of satisfaction in watching people use his programs to finally find the success they have worked so hard to find.

Ryan Travis - Member Services Manager

After years spent traveling, working in non-profit and even playing bass poorly in a rock band, Ryan discovered the Internet Marketing world and has never looked back, working in content creation and customer service. A prolific reader and writer and pop culturist, he's a natural in the Social Media realm. Ryan is an avid Dr. Pepper and Doctor Who fan, and subscribes to the philosophy of Yoda.

Jenna Case - Support Specialist

Jenna deals with all things support. Country girl at heart who appreciates family, troubleshooting, and helping others. Very passionate about life! Hobbies include singing in the car at the top of her lungs, shopping until she drops, and dancing when no one is looking.

Cory Peters - Technical Specialist

Cory has always been an early starter. He earned the presidios Hope of America Award at the tender age of 11 and is a current Eagle Scout. Cory is a brilliant individual. He started college at the age of just 15 and earned his Associate's Degree before finishing High School. He contributes to the culture of our company with a high aptitude for computers and electronics.

Mike Oaks - MOS Welcome Specialist

Born and raised in southern California. Father of two and his father was a business owner. He taught Mike the entrepreneurial spirit at a very young age. Mike comes to MOS with over 20 years of customer support experience and he looks forward to helping each and every MOS member find success.

Jordan Nyhof - Support Specialist

Jordan was introduced to the more advanced side of computers when he built one in 5th grade, a year later his first website. Since then, he's worked at several locations as a professional geek and even did some freelance website design work. When not being an MOS specialist you can usually find him taking pictures, riding a fixed gear bike or listening to vinyl.